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A.K Nikolaides

Contact Phone: 7000 97 07

About Fascino & Eleganza

Fascino & Eleganza, (Charm & Elegance) is a group made up of highly experienced International Hair Designers and personalities from the world of fashion.

From the beginning the group's philosophy has been associated with the idea that a good product should always be combined with an excellent service, and the quality of the products used is then expressed through a high standard of services offered. Thus was created a well planned program of comprehensive training through specialized professionals at International level.

Today it becomes more and more important for the hairdresser to be informed and to have a professional conduct, because women are more attentive to what is happening in the world of fashion and the total look. This raises the need to be accompanied by real image and beauty consultants who can advise women on how to style their hair, make-up and take care of their look 100% at home.

The professionals of the Fascino & Eleganza are well aware that hair is part of clothing, with the difference that a dress can be changed several times a day, while a haircut, a color, a perm or highlights are more difficult to change just as quickly. It is for this reason that Fascino & Eleganza wanted to select a group of specialists whom you can rely on for their professionalism, experience and knowledge of the overall look, people that are able to advise on all matters relating to the health and beauty of their client’s hair.

Fascino & Eleganza’s Salons offer the utmost professionalism, they are constantly looking for new ideas to offer to their customers. They are formed, supported and updated by Chenice Beverly Hills through: seminars of cut, color and perms, photographic sessions, management of the client and their image, marketing courses with the best experts in each sector, research and development of new trends, fashion, where they analyze the needs and demands of women today. The end result is therefore always offer the best to all customers.

The Fascino & Eleganza program is the indispensable basis for Hair Stylists  who seek and aspire to their personal and professional growth.

“Fascino & Eleganza ... a way of life."

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Store Location

1, Robert Kennety street, Evangelos Court Flat 104, Limassol

  • 7000 97 07
  • 00357 25568571 & 00357 25568571