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Professional smoothing temporary treatment derived from the combination of Silicone's and keratin at high and low molecular weight.

The silicone's promote smoothing; the keratin attaches to the hair bringing nourishment and internal and external restructuring to help keep your hair smooth for weeks.
Gives softness, shine and eliminates excess volume and frizzy hair; protects your hair from external humidity.

The plus of this product is the high content of hydrolyzed keratin at high and low molecular weight.
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Benefits of keratin:

  • Restores the hair internally and externally (the low molecular  weight  proteins penetrate inside the hair; the high molecular weight ones work externally)
  • Antioxidant activity
  • Fights the hair ageing
  • Protect the fibres of the hair from UV radiation
  • Conditioning, moisturizing and protective action

The product also contains:

  • Soya proteins: nourish the structure of the hair
  • Wheat proteins: revitalize and tone the hair
  • Ginseng extract: energizing and strengthening action
  • Bamboo extract:  nourishes and vitalizes your hair

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